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IBPS SO IT Officer Important Questions Set-1

IBPS SO IT Officer Important Questions

Hello all, IBPS SO exams are approaching shortly and we all know that having IT (Information technology) knowledge matters how much. So basically in this post, we are going to make a set of very Important question and topics which will give you an Idea about how IBPS SO IT main question paper comes. We will prepare different-different IBPS IT officer Important questions sets which will help you to get good marks as well as you can qualify this IT officer exam which is conducted by IBPS.

IBPS SO IT officer important questions

We will also provide you with important computer notes, tips and hacks which will help you to remember these topics easily even you don’t have any computer related background.

But today we will discuss only Important IBPS SO IT Officer questions with answers, so here the important computer questions:

1. Which transmission media has the highest transmission speed in a network?

a) Twisted Pair cable

b) Coaxial Cable

c) Optical fiber

d) Electrical cable

2. What does DLCI stand for?

a) Data Link Circuit Identifier

b) Data Link Connection interrupt

c) Data Link Circuit Indicator

d) Data Link Connection Identifier

3. Which computer memory is used for storing programs and data currently being processed by the CPU?

a) Internal memory


c) Non- volatile memory

d) Mass memory

4. In SQL, Which of the following is a Data Manipulation Language(DML) command?

a) create

b) drop

c) alter

d) merge

5. SGML stands for__________ ?

a) Standard General Mark Language

b) Standard Generalized Markup Language

c) Security General Markup Language

d) Standard Generalized Mark Language

6. Black box testing is also known as _________?

a) behavioral testing

b) loop testing

c) graph based testing

d) None of the above

7. The server on the Internet is also known as?

a) Hub

b) Host

c) Gateway

d) Website

8. Panther (10.3), Jaguar (10.2), Puma (10.1), and Cheetah (10.0) are examples of _______?

a) Windows OS

b) Linux Versions

c) Android versions

d) Mac OS

9. IRC stands for?

a) Internet relay chat

b) Internet resource channel

c) Internet routing channel

d) Internet radio chat

10. Which of the following is a form of DoS attack?

a) Vulnerability attack

b) Bandwidth flooding

c) Connection flooding

d) All of these

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Answers: 1. c) 2. d) 3. a) 4. d) 5. b) 6. a) 7. b) 8. d) 9. a) 10. d)

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