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IBPS SO IT Officer Important Questions Set-2

IBPS SO IT Officer Important Questions

Hello all, IBPS SO exams are approaching shortly and we all know that having IT (Information technology) knowledge matters how much. So basically in this post, we are going to make a set of very Important question and topics which will give you an Idea about how IBPS SO IT main question paper comes. We will prepare different-different IBPS IT officer Important questions sets which will help you to get good marks as well as you can qualify this IT officer exam which is conducted by IBPS.

ibps so important questionsWe will also provide you with important computer notes, tips and hacks which will help you to remember these topics easily even you don’t have any computer related background.

 Important IBPS SO IT Officer questions with answers, so here the important computer questions:

1. Which topology requires a hub?

a) Star

b) Bus

c) Ring

d) None of these

2. ________ is the smallest unit for processing that consists of a program counter, a stack and a set of registers.

a) Heap

b) Thread

c) Compiler

d) None of these

3. The language used in application programs to request data from the DBMS is referred to as ________

a) DML

b) DDL

c) VDL

d) SDL

4. In SQL, TCL stands for_________

a) Transaction Central Language

b) Ternary Control Language

c) Transmission Control Language

d) Transaction Control Language

5. The term is used to describe the process of forecasting, or simply discovering patterns in data that can lead to predictions about the future.

a) Data Mining

b) Enterprise risk management

c) Customer relationship management.

d) PERT chart

6. What is WPA?

a) Wired protected access

b) Wired process access

c) Wi-Fi protected access

d) Wi-Fi process access

7. In a relational database, each tuple is divided into fields called?

a) Queries

b) Relations

c) Domains

d) None of these

8. _______ allows a unique number to be generated when a new record is inserted into a table. 

a) Select Into

b) Auto Increment

c) Insert Into

d) Insert into Select

9. _______ is the process of switching CPU from one thread to another.

a) Context switching

b) Process handling

c) Interrupt handling

d) None of these

10. Macintosh computer use _________ Multitasking.

a) Preemtive

b) cooperative

c) multiprogramming

d) none

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Answers: 1. a) 2. b) 3. a) 4. d) 5. a) 6. c) 7. c) 8. b) 9. a) 10. b)

DML- Data Manipulation Language

Data mining- refers to a process identifying patterns in a large data sets.

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